Works a behavior

Works a behavior The companies, of course, will be necessary for your child a bit later, but both character, and behavior type that is a manner to react are generally formed in preschool years.

We, even being absolutely adult, most often we react in unexpected situations exactly as did it in the deep childhood as got used.

Works a behavior stereotype.

So to do?

To teach.

To teach as correctly to react to napadatel, to prompt, fulfill ways of defense and ways of selfdefense.

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Usually It is that force which orders also justices lyat all organic and inorganic, becomes part essence of all and everyone, as if the conductor to rescue and to infinity of evolution.

Usually it subconsciously, but in life it sometimes allows sensibleness, and when the person feels it in the heart, calls love.

At all animals the instinct of times is periodically shown multiplications which is a love form.

This form lyub vi command of the nature, after all without it would not be continuations lives.

Therefore small amount of this universal force for a moment it is granted to living beings, types not died out.

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The father

The father Mr.


chose for himself the problem connected by that Andy took it tools.

The father was already absolutely ready to tell Andy that would like firmly the nobility its tools are in perfect security, but this problem did not arise again!

The main result of work of spouses of B.

, probably, was as follows: Andy it was pleasant that it is done responsible for own actions, and, when provided it this responsibility, it ceased to give trouble to parents.

Two months later after B.

's spouses started working on the problems with Andy, they told us that they have no real any more difficulties with the son.

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At last, she brought

At last, she brought She tapped fraction on the top or on the lower party of a plate, watching it with intense curiosity and at the same time answering vibration of the tool.

Pamela all approached a plate closer, seized her and, having dragged off it on the territory, continued to play on it.

She studied the tool more than twenty minutes.

At last, she brought a plate to a piano and began to play two instruments in turn as if selecting or comparing their sounds.

Pamela made friends with this plate.

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Tol The kid has to say these two words together.

Call subjects which you see.

The child has to call subjects which are in a field of his sight, using the word here: Here mirror; Here book.

These two words are said together.

Finish speaking for me.

You say the word, and the child has to finish the phrase, having picked up the word suitable on sense.


The tasty.

The high.

The warm.

The soft.

The sweet.

The strong.

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One of courageous

One of courageous Then the little alchemist went down, smiling to the secret plan and in advance gloating over that, kissing the adored nephew, enthusiastic aunts will feel a disgusting smell.

So it could force adults to reckon with it.

For the boy who very much hesitated of the scars on a face, we composed the story about knights of old times.

One of courageous and brave knights came to the boy at night and told it about the bestknown knightly adventures.

Told how in those far times knights battled for honor and justice and cut villains.

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The eldest

The eldest Conduct her beloved daughter.

The eldest son conducts the little sister from kindergarten, and she, of course, does not want home.

It was not acquired.

And that the brother needs to do homework, and at mother on the house put too much, does not excite her.

And now all evening will roar, and after all in any way not to calm, not to distract.

To the baby already most will bother to kakpriznichat, but because of any unclear principle will not stop.

That for character!

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  • At first ask the child to simulate a voice of an adult animal loud and rough, and then a cub silent and gentle.Adult: The cow calls a calf: Child: MUMUMU, Adult: The calf answers: Child: mumumu.Adult: The goat calls a kid: Child: MEMEME.Adult: he answers: Child: mememe.Adult: The ram calls a lamb: Child: BEBEBE, Adult: and he answers: Child: bebebe.Adult: The cat calls a kitten: Child: MYAUMYAUMYAU, Adult: and he answers: Child: meowmeowmeow.Adult: The dog calls a puppy: Child: AFAFAF, Adult: and he answers: Child: afafaf.
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  • Mother stamps.Mother swings the head.When such commenting does not cause in the kid of difficulties, suggest it to sound that he does.Offers should not be too long, they should be said, without hurrying, together: I go on the room.I approach a table.I take the handle from a table.I knock the handle on a table.It is important that the child commented on this or that action in its process.Exercise can be changed: let the child will try to tell about the actions in past tense.
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