The management

The management There is some kind of awakening potential spo I obnost.

The management huge creative will be their task work which the child should do, to it spiritually mu to an embryo.

And as the nature notes obvious fi shchesky signs each important change in development loonies ki the kid, we see, how an umbilical cord, by means of which re IICIIOK was attached to mother, disappears in some days after the birth.

This first phase is extraordinary important, because in Time of this phase occurs preparation of mysterious forces.

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Pamela well

Pamela well For example, when Pamela already was wanted to clap, I forced it to turn palms a fast rotary motion.

I managed to prevent emergence of its undesirable reaction, in time saying: Turn palms.

Pamela well learned lesson so could already do it without urging on.

Persuasive thirst of Pamela for a personal melody signature did not weaken.

It was an extreme form of musical autism, and it could not be entered as a communication medium into one of our musical experiences.

It was possible to fight against it in only one way: to take away Pamela from her place at the left edge of the keyboard and to force to play on all keyboard, both hands and that hands were extended.

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Mathew was not the former

Mathew was not the former On a visit at the sympathizing friends of the family he behaved better, but hated physical contacts.

Mathew was not the former dear child any more.

Helen and Simon consulted with the psychiatrist, the acquaintance who agreed though did not specialize on violations of mental development that the boy lags behind in development, and advised if till three years of improvements is not to ask for the help.

One more son, Richard was born in this period in a family.

Got used to the new family member Mathew very long.

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This part

This part We hope that all this not will leave you indifferent.

This part of your work with the book will be the most effective, if to carry out it with the offenses of children which are unambiguously getting to the list of events the parent's lives, or, in other words, with their such actions, which everyone would agree to recognize unfair to you, make them the adults living with you.

We mean such offenses: Soils and does not clean up.

Hangs out wet towels on all bathroom.

Soils in kitchen.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Such calm strengthens in it selfconfidence and helps to fight against difficulties.

The history has one more positive side: to invent story, interesting to the child, the storyteller has to get into a Toy inner world.

It is necessary to see surrounding with the child's eyes that we do infrequently.

We so got used to the adult prospect that we forget that there is also other view of things.

We forget that for the child of a monster in a case are also real, as you or I.

We forget that in magic children believe also sincerely and unconditionally, as in electricity or magnetism.

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Chapter Realize that circumstance that separate skirmishes with the child quite are admissible, and believe that your indecision in connection with them can to turn into confidence and even pleasant expectation as you will practice such communication.

Count in all this on your own openness as on main means.

Chapter Let's try to eliminate everything that provokes and supports problems in education Problems which can excite you and how to change your tactics behavior.



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  • If he often asks on hands, means in its early detkstvo did not inform on hands.Try to kompensirokvat this gap of education.Hold the child at yourself on a lap more often, together play, read, draw.As soon as the kid is sated with your attention, he otpukstit you and will become more independent.And, if to ignore this problem, the child will feel left, unloved and devoted.All this will negatively influence on its further razkvity and life in general.As Egorka went to walk Tatyana Holkina Egorka with mother went outside.
  • At first ask the child to simulate a voice of an adult animal loud and rough, and then a cub silent and gentle.Adult: The cow calls a calf: Child: MUMUMU, Adult: The calf answers: Child: mumumu.Adult: The goat calls a kid: Child: MEMEME.Adult: he answers: Child: mememe.Adult: The ram calls a lamb: Child: BEBEBE, Adult: and he answers: Child: bebebe.Adult: The cat calls a kitten: Child: MYAUMYAUMYAU, Adult: and he answers: Child: meowmeowmeow.Adult: The dog calls a puppy: Child: AFAFAF, Adult: and he answers: Child: afafaf.
  • Love found by us in infancy it example of that feeling which would have to reign in an ideal in the world of adults, feelings, by the most nature of the capable to inspire on the victim, on dedication of one I to another, one personality on service to another.Under the influence of the the deepest love all parents refuse from sobstven ache life to devote it to children.And such devotion it is natural to them.It brings them joy and not vospr it nimatsya as the victim.Anybody will never tell: Look on this unfortunate, it has two children!
  • Mother stamps.Mother swings the head.When such commenting does not cause in the kid of difficulties, suggest it to sound that he does.Offers should not be too long, they should be said, without hurrying, together: I go on the room.I approach a table.I take the handle from a table.I knock the handle on a table.It is important that the child commented on this or that action in its process.Exercise can be changed: let the child will try to tell about the actions in past tense.
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