And what

And what He can expect in the days this meeting with escalating impatience, and sometimes and with painful excitement but when day of a desired meeting comes, he can be frightened suddenly to leave alone for some time the parent with whom lives together.

And what if suddenly will not be at home mother when it returns from the father?

Or: and suddenly in its absence mother will get sick or will become sad and will feel lonely.


And suddenly he will be frightened or will be confused and will uncomfortably feel in an unfamiliar interior of the new father's apartment.

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A choice

A choice Since then Jeffrey fell in love with them, put the undoubted musical abilities and imagination into operation.

In duets we played different instruments a melodics, a violoncello, lamellar hand bells and a zither.

A choice of tools I provided Jeffrey for both of us.

By sight the stranger, Jeffrey's reactions to music looked spontaneous and impressive.

Musical abilities of the boy tempted to begin with classical methods of training in music.

Jeffrey owned brilliant gift to express himself spontaneously.

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At all It is simply

At all It is simply She in every way called Annie, put out the tongue at it, and Annie did not pay to it any attention.

It simply passed by as though it was faced by a case.

This cudgel and the poseur Mary tries to enrage me Annie thought.

But this trick will not work: I after all not somebody, and the scientistresearcher am not going to pay to it attention.

at all It is simply magnificent!

mother admired.

At you it very fine turns out.

She embraced Annie.

Now you can start business.

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Juliette I hoped that musical experience will help the child to find with itself creative force, to express itself through sounds, whatever they were beautiful, violent, sharp or shy; hoped that the world of music will bring the child out of loneliness.

Juliette Alvin, MUSICAL AND AUTICHNY BEHAVIOUR Comparative research Music is space of human experience which influences thinking, a body and emotions.

It is capable to change behavior of the listener or performer.

Music gets into subconsciousness and can bring to life a lot of things from this that there is hidden.

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How I will

How I will But suddenly stopped, having stood stop short.

The bed was not.

Anechka attentively examined each corner of the room.

Glanced under a case, in a box for toys and even, having lifted up the head, thoughtfully studied a ceiling.

In total nakprasno!

The bed was gone, and together with it the pink blanket, a white perinka and a yellow small pillow disappeared.

How I will sleep?

Anechka exclaimed.

Suddenly it is a ponyakla that she to horror wants to sleep, directly eyes stick together.

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Having remained

Having remained Mother tried to clean a box, it caused the real hysterics in Gosha, and stutter at him amplified.

Having remained alone, Gosha felt left, the space of the apartment was represented to him full of different dangers, the box became a small world in which the boy felt safe.

Gosha completed a course of game speech therapy, but the main recommendation intended to mother to try not to leave the son of one at home for a long time.

I advised to make a lodge of a box, to ornament it, to cut out windows let it is associated at the child with game.

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  • If he often asks on hands, means in its early detkstvo did not inform on hands.Try to kompensirokvat this gap of education.Hold the child at yourself on a lap more often, together play, read, draw.As soon as the kid is sated with your attention, he otpukstit you and will become more independent.And, if to ignore this problem, the child will feel left, unloved and devoted.All this will negatively influence on its further razkvity and life in general.As Egorka went to walk Tatyana Holkina Egorka with mother went outside.
  • At first ask the child to simulate a voice of an adult animal loud and rough, and then a cub silent and gentle.Adult: The cow calls a calf: Child: MUMUMU, Adult: The calf answers: Child: mumumu.Adult: The goat calls a kid: Child: MEMEME.Adult: he answers: Child: mememe.Adult: The ram calls a lamb: Child: BEBEBE, Adult: and he answers: Child: bebebe.Adult: The cat calls a kitten: Child: MYAUMYAUMYAU, Adult: and he answers: Child: meowmeowmeow.Adult: The dog calls a puppy: Child: AFAFAF, Adult: and he answers: Child: afafaf.
  • Love found by us in infancy it example of that feeling which would have to reign in an ideal in the world of adults, feelings, by the most nature of the capable to inspire on the victim, on dedication of one I to another, one personality on service to another.Under the influence of the the deepest love all parents refuse from sobstven ache life to devote it to children.And such devotion it is natural to them.It brings them joy and not vospr it nimatsya as the victim.Anybody will never tell: Look on this unfortunate, it has two children!
  • Mother stamps.Mother swings the head.When such commenting does not cause in the kid of difficulties, suggest it to sound that he does.Offers should not be too long, they should be said, without hurrying, together: I go on the room.I approach a table.I take the handle from a table.I knock the handle on a table.It is important that the child commented on this or that action in its process.Exercise can be changed: let the child will try to tell about the actions in past tense.
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