If definitely

If definitely Here it is important who is in the lead, who in the company in authority, what general its spirit spirit.

What to do if are sure that the company not that For a start do not hurry with conclusions; it is worth observing, getting acquainted closer, maybe, your opinion and will change.

If definitely not that if were convinced that the company does not approach do not tell about it to the child directly and in a forehead, do not criticize his friends girlfriends.

Will take offense for and will move away from you.

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On it the teenager, perhaps, would

On it the teenager, perhaps, would This first test does not bring usually any high, on the contrary, nausea, vomiting, dizziness.

On it the teenager, perhaps, would also stop, but.

the company goes on about other feelings, and he or it is eager for them to test.

That did not count as the weakling it at boys to continue to communicate it at girls.

Not to appear the black sheep in the sociable pack it at those and at others.

The first test is dangerous that removes an internal psychological barrier at the child.

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And if you place

And if you place Now the child in all that he does, has to see useful sense.

And if you place emphasis on judgment will be acquired much better.

So now when your child grew to school age, you act not simply as an opekatel and an oberegatel, and become the assistant giving useful, interesting and necessary knowledge more likely.

To the senior classes when children become rather independent, they willingly will perceive and take new information into consideration only if you begin to submit it not as the teacher from positions of the maturity, and more likely as the senior skilled friend.

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We chose

We chose solemnly declared Seliya.

Yes told Endrea.

We chose number It about game in turn.

And to us your special hours will be necessary to count time Seliya told.

She very much liked to play with hours.

Well, of course!

mother answered.

Know, I really am proud of both of you.

And she strong embraced the daughters.

It was the potryasny story Annie told.

How you think, but we could not make the same?

Cynthia asked.

I mean to make the list including seven ways of the solution of our problem.

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To other

To other Usually impulsiveness is characteristic for hyperactive children, but the child can be impulsive and without being hyperactive.

To other qualities which impulsivenesses often accompany, low stability of attention, i.


inability to concentrate for more or less long time, and high level of an otvlekayemost belong.

Small children are more impulsive than children of more advanced age.

The growing is followed by development of ability to be braked, estimate and plan before recklessly undertaking any business.

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And it is very

And it is very To be the parent one of pleasures of life.

But it can become and a heartrending experience.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to come into contact with our children and to help them to show the best qualities.

And it is very good that there are such experts as Doris Brett who offer us effective and available remedies for simplification of parental tasks.

Jeffrey K.

Zeyg, doctor of psychology, director of Fund of Milton G.

Eriksson, Arizona, USA Introduction I started composing Stories about Annie about ten years ago.

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  • If he often asks on hands, means in its early detkstvo did not inform on hands.Try to kompensirokvat this gap of education.Hold the child at yourself on a lap more often, together play, read, draw.As soon as the kid is sated with your attention, he otpukstit you and will become more independent.And, if to ignore this problem, the child will feel left, unloved and devoted.All this will negatively influence on its further razkvity and life in general.As Egorka went to walk Tatyana Holkina Egorka with mother went outside.
  • At first ask the child to simulate a voice of an adult animal loud and rough, and then a cub silent and gentle.Adult: The cow calls a calf: Child: MUMUMU, Adult: The calf answers: Child: mumumu.Adult: The goat calls a kid: Child: MEMEME.Adult: he answers: Child: mememe.Adult: The ram calls a lamb: Child: BEBEBE, Adult: and he answers: Child: bebebe.Adult: The cat calls a kitten: Child: MYAUMYAUMYAU, Adult: and he answers: Child: meowmeowmeow.Adult: The dog calls a puppy: Child: AFAFAF, Adult: and he answers: Child: afafaf.
  • Love found by us in infancy it example of that feeling which would have to reign in an ideal in the world of adults, feelings, by the most nature of the capable to inspire on the victim, on dedication of one I to another, one personality on service to another.Under the influence of the the deepest love all parents refuse from sobstven ache life to devote it to children.And such devotion it is natural to them.It brings them joy and not vospr it nimatsya as the victim.Anybody will never tell: Look on this unfortunate, it has two children!
  • Mother stamps.Mother swings the head.When such commenting does not cause in the kid of difficulties, suggest it to sound that he does.Offers should not be too long, they should be said, without hurrying, together: I go on the room.I approach a table.I take the handle from a table.I knock the handle on a table.It is important that the child commented on this or that action in its process.Exercise can be changed: let the child will try to tell about the actions in past tense.
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