Adult: At whom

Adult: At whom Ask the kid to tell who has a certain sign, and at the same time to clap.

The pretext is said together with the word.

Adult: At whom long ears?

Child: At a hare.

Adult: At whom a small tail?

Child: At a bear.

Adult: At whom a needle?

Child: At the Hedgehog.

Adult: At whom a long neck?

Child: At a goose.

Adult: At whom a comb?

Child: At a rooster.

Adult: At whom a fluffy tail?

Child: At a fox.

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It had everything: the English

It had everything: the English The girl, the late and only child, from the very first days was very uneasy, very capable and very pretty.

Taught it to everything: to languages, dances, figure skating, work with the computer and to other, so necessary things in life.

It had everything: the English school, successful study which parents carefully controlled, watched marks; subsequently, however, it appeared that the girl forged marks.

And when parents were called in school, under the guise of mother few times brought the neighbour's drunkard, previously having brushed her and having cleaned.

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This game

This game Can learn, for example, what does he think of the company and to children in general that thinks about you and than he is irritated by the teacher.

Everything depends on phrases which you prepare.

This game Test so is carried out.

You begin the offer, and the child finishes it.

And it should continue at once, without deliberating and without being at clever loss for words.

It is best of all if the son/daughter do not guess the purpose of your action at all, then he / she will not try and smooth, forge too the statements to be pleasant to you.

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It and reading

It and reading Yes that you!

What six!

Not less than twenty will be!

Pablo Neruda has a line: I pass on your small infinity … The one who can take pleasure in the vacationer a horizontal of the loved one Is happy.

It and reading aloud under a wing of a mother's hand, and an instillation of all big adult in sand, and a joint zaprokinutost in a grass.

It is also that experience literally the touching relations without which in the future there will be no spiritual thin touching relations with the met people and the world.

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Absolutely In these two cases it is possible to give also a great number of others children started realizing sounds which heard, and is active to answer them.

Absolutely small children with autism if, for example, to put them on knees and to swing, can passively react, listening to the song having something in common with a rocking rhythm.

Such actions partially reproduce a prenatal state, and also can satisfy need of the child for relationship with mother as he had no such experience after the birth.

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Moved clumsily, all over

Moved clumsily, all over It was difficult for it to move synchronously hands and feet, to clap and at the same time to foot tap.

At last, at it it turned out, but it could not correlate the movement on to rate of music.

At first Martin did not manage to cope with feet: it jumped up in a manner, specific to autism instead of simply going.

Moved clumsily, all over at once.

But soon the volume of movements increased, Martin began to bend wrists, to turn, master bigger space, to straighten hands, and it was noticeable that he is happy.

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  • If he often asks on hands, means in its early detkstvo did not inform on hands.Try to kompensirokvat this gap of education.Hold the child at yourself on a lap more often, together play, read, draw.As soon as the kid is sated with your attention, he otpukstit you and will become more independent.And, if to ignore this problem, the child will feel left, unloved and devoted.All this will negatively influence on its further razkvity and life in general.As Egorka went to walk Tatyana Holkina Egorka with mother went outside.
  • At first ask the child to simulate a voice of an adult animal loud and rough, and then a cub silent and gentle.Adult: The cow calls a calf: Child: MUMUMU, Adult: The calf answers: Child: mumumu.Adult: The goat calls a kid: Child: MEMEME.Adult: he answers: Child: mememe.Adult: The ram calls a lamb: Child: BEBEBE, Adult: and he answers: Child: bebebe.Adult: The cat calls a kitten: Child: MYAUMYAUMYAU, Adult: and he answers: Child: meowmeowmeow.Adult: The dog calls a puppy: Child: AFAFAF, Adult: and he answers: Child: afafaf.
  • Love found by us in infancy it example of that feeling which would have to reign in an ideal in the world of adults, feelings, by the most nature of the capable to inspire on the victim, on dedication of one I to another, one personality on service to another.Under the influence of the the deepest love all parents refuse from sobstven ache life to devote it to children.And such devotion it is natural to them.It brings them joy and not vospr it nimatsya as the victim.Anybody will never tell: Look on this unfortunate, it has two children!
  • Mother stamps.Mother swings the head.When such commenting does not cause in the kid of difficulties, suggest it to sound that he does.Offers should not be too long, they should be said, without hurrying, together: I go on the room.I approach a table.I take the handle from a table.I knock the handle on a table.It is important that the child commented on this or that action in its process.Exercise can be changed: let the child will try to tell about the actions in past tense.
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