Games extremes

Games extremes Also will find alternative: offer something another, not less interesting.

Games extremes Moscow hideandseek You know a usual hideandseek.

Moscow differ only in what it is possible to hide on all city or to the area if the city very big.

Usually players agree about in advance, whether it is possible to use improvised vehicles and if it is possible what, the card crib is sometimes drawn, the list of signs on which driving all will look for sometimes is issued, control time and so forth is discussed.

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Yes get rid you it! you do not speak

Yes get rid you it! you do not speak External safety of the person always depends on that at him inside.

It is impossible to leave the child alone with his problems even if at first sight they look trifling and not costing attention.

Yes get rid you it!

you do not speak so to the children?

Children have other world, other interests, and that in your world does not mean anything, for the child can appear very much and very much seryyoznym.

That treats The official scheme of treatment approximately such is.

Parents at whose persistent neurotic complaints detey.

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Next day poured

Next day poured At first it killed the leverets running on a footpath in school.

Next day poured a pouring rain of the artist who drew a znamenikty forest oak.

All paints in a picture spread, and the risuknok was hopelessly spoiled.

But that a grass and flowers on the Asiny clearing absolutely pokzheltel and began to wither was especially distressing.

When adult clouds were seen that Asya does not cope with the task, they solved: the cloudlet to Asya needs to grow up a little more and again to try to master watering in half a year.

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Until the stranger

Until the stranger Agree that it will give help only after consults to you.

Teach not to react to the phrase Mother calls.

or the father told that I took you to him.


Think up the password, for example, some phrase.

until the stranger told it not you him sent it.

It is possible to cross in a special way fingers, it is possible to wink or whistle.

However, this way deystven only with the senior children, kids easily give in on arrangements and can joyfully to report the password.

It is possible to agree to ring a door definitely three short, one long or to think up additional special knock.

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It is a big step

It is a big step In this pe riod the combination of obedience and disobedience is possible!

The second level when the child can always obey, or rather when there are more no obstacles, a voznik yushchy because of a shortcoming of control at it.

Its forces now ob edinena can be also operated not only its own will, but also will of another.

It is a big step forward on the way obedience.

It is similar to ability to transfer from one language on another.

The child can absorb desires of another and to express them the behavior.

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Montessorimaterialy Montessorimaterialy are a component socalled pedagogical the preparatory environment, which induces the child to show possibilities of his own development through amateur performance, corresponding to his identity.

Montessorimaterialy on the clarity level, structure and logical sequence correspond to the periods the greatest susceptibility developments of the child.

These periods favorable for training in certain kinds of activity, identifications talents, education of ability to be selfcontrolled and formations of the relation to the world, can be optimum are used by means of the developing materials.

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